Lutherans believe that Baptism is a means of grace; it is a way in which God’s amazing love for the world embraces us, one by one, and connects us in the family of faith, the church.  Lutherans are part of the majority of Christian communities that baptize young children as their parents and other loved ones present them in faith. CLC’s pastor is also delighted to baptize older children and adults who desire to be baptized as they confess faith in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. At whatever age an individual is baptized, God’s gift in baptism is lived out as the baptized person is encouraged in a life of following Jesus.

Baptisms are generally scheduled during worship so that the community of faith can welcome their new brother or sister into the Church family. We commit to helping the newly baptized grow in faith, in partnership with parents and sponsors. Print off the baptism form, fill it in and drop it off at church.

To plan for a baptism at either one of CLC’s two worship services, contact the church office at  715.247.3341. Pastor Scott Donnelly will visit with you in preparing for the celebration of this sacrament.